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The project explores the topic of Anthropocene and is essentially a performance environment with different actors exercising confluence over each other: the light is cast from behind the drummer, who improvises and constantly moves, resulting in even-changing amount and location of light passing through the screen; the light sensor installed on the dead plant reads the filtered light and sends the data one the one hand to the computer, which algorithmically generates music, on the other hand to the vibration motor installed on the living plant, which excites the chimes. The sum of these two sounds then influence the improvisation of the drummer. In addition, the light sensor also sends the data to the led lights behind the drummer, which will change their intensities. In another word, this is a feed-back network and constantly renews itself. The interrelation among the components within this network addresses the concern of kin-making, while the deep time aspect is explored via the display of both dead and living plants (multi-temporalities), as well as the algorithmic technique within the music generative algorithm.

Drums: Murphy Janssen

Laptop and mechatronics: Wei Yang

Screen Shot 2022-07-11 at 10.18.47 PM.png
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