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if i keep recalling it, something had to change...
(for drum and computer) - excerpt
performed by Murphy Janssen

As the title suggests, this piece is about the constructive nature of memory. Often when one tries to recall something from the past, there are pieces of information missing, so one has to fill in these pieces by making them up, whether consciously or not. During the making of these missing pieces, which is a creative process, different memories intermingle - memories of different time periods, of different levels of logicality, of different suggestive capabilities, of different doubts, all of which contribute to a potentially poetic experience and a updated memory. The project explores this idea, and can be regarded as a process of the drummer trying to recall an excerpt that he performed before, by being reminded of it, by trying to retrieve fragments from it, and by interacting with these fragments. 

Technical concerns:

This piece mostly utilizes machine listening - having the computer listen to the drummer's playing captured via microphone positioned at different parts of the drum set: it listens to the onsets, the amplitude, the frequency, the entropy, the flatness, as well as centroid,  to generate the spatialized (in 3rd order ambisonics) sonic materials, which in turn influences the drummer's decision making in his improvisation. Therefore it is a feedback loop consisting of the drummer and computer having a conversation over musical choices.  

Machine listening via SuperCollider example can be found in documentation.

Complete version (video edited by Murphy Janssen)

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