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ün: motus, for flute and wind ensemble (2019)

ün - “运”, a Chinese character predominantly meaning motion or movement, can be further interpreted as convey, traffic, chance, destiny;

motus - Latin, as a noun, meaning motion, movement, disturbance; or as a participle, meaning moved, excited, troubled; 

ün: motus - a ritual, a dialogue of agreement and disagreement, an effort to use the motion to suggest the meaning of both the Chinese and Latin words.


I attempt to create a situation in which the conductor cannot convey the conducting without the help of other members in the ensemble, and the soloist is (twice) absorbed into the group and becomes no longer special. In other words, the power within the hierarchy of the classical concerto tradition is decentralized and redistributed to the rest of the members, whose actions often demand others to react.

University of Washington Wind Ensemble

conductor: Timothy Salzman, soloist: Miao Liu

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