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       Wei Yang is a composer/sound artist from China. He works with different mediums, through which he often contemplates the body’s role in sound production, sound in space, as well as the integration of various data from the performance environment (reverberation, light, etc.). Wei composes both instrumental and electronic music, and often incorporates various sensors and physical computing to build performative systems that allow dynamic interaction among different actors within the system. His works have been performed internationally, at occasions such as BEAST Festival, NUNC!, ICMC, ISAC Sonosfera, Tomeistertagung, ORF Musikprotokoll, San Francisco Tape Music Festival, SEAMUS, Espacious Sonores, Festival Atemporánea, Nucleo Música Nova SiMN. Wei received his Doctor of Musical Arts from University of Washington under the supervision of Joël François-Durand. He is currently a PhD candidate at the university’s Center for Digital Arts and Experimental Media, working closely with Richard Karpen and Joseph Anderson.

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